The Wyco ErgoPack® gas-powered backpack vibrator was designed specifically for construction site concrete consolidation. Delivering a powerful 50cc Honda gas engine in a highly mobile yet comfortable form factor, the ErgoPack is the only backpack vibrator on the market to offer an ergonomic design where the engine weight is properly supported by the operator's hips. The revolutionary design of the Wyco ErgoPack discourages injury-prone postures and delays operator fatigue to improve overall productivity while allowing easy mobility around the job site. With this solution, one user can easily vibrate low- to high-slump concrete with up to a 2-inch head. Adjustable straps fit all operator sizes, and make the ErgoPack the most comfortable backpack on the market. The rugged steel frame withstands abuse from the most rigorous job sites.
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W402-535 N/A Ergopack N/A 2.1 hp N/A 7000 rpm N/A Honda GXH50 N/A Gasoline
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