The BINMASTER® MVL Multi-Scanner System provides greater inventory accuracy in applications with very large bins, tanks, or silos. This multiple scanner system integrates the multiple point measurement data from two 3DLevelScanners to cover a very wide surface area which allows it to provide inventory volume with greater accuracy than previously available from any level measurement device. Using advanced processing and software, the MVL also displays a visual representation of the material surface that shows high and low points int he bin such as cone up, cone down, sidewall build-up, or bridging.

In an MVL System, two scanners are mounted on the top of the vessel in locations optimized to most effectively cover the entire surface area of the material being measured. The Scanners take multiple measurements of the material surface using dust-penetrating, acoustic-based technology. A controller combines the data from the two Scanners and generates a single merged visual represntation of the typography of the material and displays the image on a PC loaded with the 3D Vision Software. The MVL provides diverse data including estimated volume: minimum, maximum, and average distances to material in the bin; as well as a synchronized 4-20 mA output to a PLC or DCS.
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730-0640 N/A 3DLS-ML
730-0641 N/A 3DLS-ML-HT
730-0642 N/A 3DLS-ML-TC
730-0626 N/A 3DLS-MVL
730-0644 N/A 3DLS-MVL-HT
730-0643 N/A 3DLS-MVL-TC
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