The MARTIN® DUST FIGHTER™ Spray System allows bulk material to be treated without containment. A traditional fog system could only be applied in situations where containment was provided. By spraying the material, water is applied directly to the material. By strategically wetting the material, the potential to create dust is eliminated and dust is controlled without requiring containment. A spray bar;system operates at facility line pressure and is activated using a 110/120V control signal. The spray bar is used in applications where containment is not needed or desired.;

  • Garden hose or 1" NTP tie-in is adaptable to any application.
  • 110V solenoid valve is automation capable.
  • Outer nozzles set on swivels prevents overspray.
  • Dual spray bars treat both sides of material stream.
  • Manual ball valve is isolatable.
  • Unistrut and hose clamp mounts are able to be installed with or without chute wall.
  • Galvanized fittings accommodate reactive water.
  • 0.094" equivalent orifice diameter nozzles accommodate large particles suspended in water without plugging nozzles.
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