The MARTIN® DUST FIGHTER™ Fog System;is custom designed to fit your application and performance specifications. MARTIN® DUST FIGHTER™ Fog minimizes dust in almost any bulk material handling operations. FEATURES
  • Reduces clean-up costs, equipment failures, and regulatory problems.
  • Area around material is covered in a fog, capturing airborne dust.
  • Spray nozzles release water and dampen the material, preventing the creation of dust.
  • No compressed air needed and;no expensive consumable chemicals.
  • Only 1% of water added, preventing material downgrade.
Systems Approach: Our experienced engineers start by revieiwng the entire conveyor system to identify the root cause of dust creation. This "Systems Approach" ensures that real problems are addressed and realistic performance expectations are agreed upon. Application-Specific Wetting Methods: The MARTIN® DUST FIGHTER™ Fog System applies water in the form of fog, spray, or both. The actual details of the water application are determined by the needs of the Customer and the specific environment. Pinpoint Applicaiton of Water: The MARTIN® DUST FIGHTER™ Fog System applies a combination of sprayed water and fot to suppress dust. By strategically placing water into the material using spray nozzles, the material is dampened, eliminating the creation of dust. In addidtion to wetting the material, the area around the material is covered in a fog, capturing any airborne dust.

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