The BINMASTER® Wireless Data Transceiver eliminates the need for running long spans of communication cable by providing affordable, two-way wireless data communication between SMARTBOB2 Sensors mounted high on top of storage vessels and a control source on the ground. BINMASTER®'s long-range Wireless Data Transceiver operates in the license-free portion of the FCC designated industrial frequency band at 900 MHz. Designed to work in high interference environments, the Wireless Transceiver combines advanced frequency hopping and digital signal processing technology with outstanding receiver sensitivity and antenna diversity, resulting in exceptional noise and interference rejection and, ultimately, peace of mind. Wireless data networks can be effective in new SMARTBOB2 installations as an alternative to wired connections. They can also be used to expand the capabilities of existing systems.

  • Save Money by Reducing Insatllation Costs
  • Installation Speed, Flexibility, and Simplicity
  • No Leased Lines or Wireless Service Costs
  • Single Radio Module for Worldwide License-Free Operation
  • Low Latency for Real-Timem Applications
  • User-Programmable
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730-0443 N/A SMARTBOB WT 1-19 Wireless Transmitter N/A WT 1-19
730-0514 N/A SMARTBOB WL-19 Wireless Transmitter N/A WL-19
730-0515 N/A SMARTBOB WL-19D Wireless Transmitter N/A WL-19D
416-0478 N/A SMARTBOB WL-MK Mounting Kit N/A WL-MK
530-0534 N/A SMARTBOB WL-LAK Lightning Arrestor Kit N/A WL-LAK
730-0431 N/A SMARTBOB YDA Directional Antenna N/A YDA
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