The BINMASTER® SMARTBOB C-100 Control Console for the SMARTBOB2 is the simplest way to remotely initiate and view vessel measurements. This compact, manually-operated console can control from 1 to 128 SMARTBOB2 Sensors with the push of a button. Individual bin heights are programmed into the Console and measurements are displayed as distance to product, height of product, and percentage full. The display also indicates the status of the SMARTBOB during the measurement cycle. Bin heights and percentage full data of the most recent measurements are retained in the C-100 Console's memory, even in instances of power loss. A C-100 MB option allows control of a SMARTBOB Sensor Network via ModBus Interface.

  • Back-Lit LCD Graphics Display Accesses Vessel Data Instantly
  • Intuitive User Interface Easy to Configure Unit and Retrieve Data
  • Six-Button, Membrane Style External Keypad for User Control
  • Enter Key, Escape Key, and Four Directional Keys for Ease of Operation
  • Menu System of Simple Choices and Value Adjustments
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730-5094 N/A SMARTBOB C-100 Control Console N/A C-100
730-5124 N/A SMARTBOB C-100-MB Control Console N/A C-100-MB
730-0318 N/A XFMR-13 100-230 VAC / 24 VDC, 15 W Switching Power Supply f/ C-100 Control Console N/A XFMR-13
388-0039 N/A XFMR 12 115 VAC / 16 VAC Wall Transformer f/ C-100 Control Console N/A XFMR-12
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