The WAM® VCP Pressure Relief Valve is used to limit or control either an excess pressure or negative pressure imbalance when filling or emptying a silo. When preset pressure limits are exceeded, the spring-loaded lid is pushed up, so that excess pressure can escape or outside air can enter to bring internal/external pressure back into balance; then the pressure lid moves back into the "closed" position. VCP Pressure Relief Valves consist of a cylindrical housing with a bottom flange that is bolted to a flange ring which can be welded to the silo roof. VCP Valves are efficient, reliable, and provide final protection when unacceptable pressure issues endanger a silo structure.

  • Carbon Steel Body with RAL 7001 Poly Chem coating to resist corrosion
  • Available in 11" or 14" Dia to fit most applications
  • Stainless Steel Weather Protection Cover that can't rust or corrode
  • Works on silos with air volume up to 7,650 CFM
  • Positive Pressure Setting Range: 0.44 PSI up to 1.16 PSI
  • Negative Pressure Setting Rnage: 0.07 PSI up to 0.15 PSI
  • Spun from solid aluminum for greater strength and no welded seam failure
  • Equipped for Inductive Signaling Sensors that can detect dust or dirt
  • Protective Bellow Covers for Springs keep out debris
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