At WORKMASTER we’ve taken Trailer Unloading to the next level with the Wellman Bulk Trailer Trap Opener! It’s designed to eliminate safety and productivity problems associated with the injury-prone, dirty, and slow job of opening and unloading grain trailers and other dry bulk trailers.

Our Trap Opener is the wise choice for worksites which experience:

  • Trailers Traps with Rack and Pinion Gates and/or Strap-Style Gates;
  • Trailers Traps that vary from easy to difficult to open because the trailers are not always well maintained;
  • Trailer Traps with fixed position and traveling gate mechanisms;
  • Trailer Traps with varied height capstan / gate mechanisms;
  • Unloading sites that experience high traffic periods activity which require rapid opening/closing of trailer traps.

All models feature an Electric / Hydraulic power unit and have a user adjustable Dual Torque Range which can produce 0 to 150 lb-ft, or 0 to 250 lb-ft at a constant RPM.

If you’d like our help in choosing which of the four models of Trailer Trap Openers (our “TO” line) for your site, give us a call.  We’re sure our 30-years of experience will help you select the Trap Opener that best meets your needs.

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