TrueCap® RF capacitance sensors offer cost-effective, point-level monitoring with reliability you can count on. Monitor's complete line, which features models MK-2 and MK-2e, provides you with the most affordable solution for your application. Monitor's RF capacitance probes are designed to provide a high level of sensitivity, stability, and durability for powder and bulk solids applications, as well as liquid and slurry applications. Monitor's two-year warranty stands behind every TrueCap® sensor.
  • Extensive Product Line for Bulk Solid Applications
  • Superior Sensitivity of 0.5 pF is Standard
  • Maximum Reliability and Calibration Stability
  • Automatic Material Build-Up Immunity
  • Universal Power Supply Available
  • Twist On/Off Cover
  • Two-year Warranty
  • Liquid and Slurry Applications
  • Provides the highest performance and reliability over the widest range of applications
  • Wide assortment of probe types and options for versatility
  • Suitable for dry solids, wet solids, liquids, viscous liquids, and slurries
  • Hazardous Locations Approval Available
  • Internal bin temperatures up to 450ºF (232ºC) (Split-Architecture)
  • Split-Architecture to remote mount electronics
  • Immunity to product build-up on probe
  • Unaffected by high vibration (Split-Architecture)
  • Tolerant of wide temperature fluctuations without recalibration
  • Quick/Simple recalibration (push-button) to handle varying materials
  • Universal Power Supply
  • Remote calibration option (up to 1000 ft (305 m) from electronics)
Electronics assembly must be purchased with Remote Probe and 11-1015 Cable Assembly.
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Item #

Electronics Type


Operating Voltage

11-8710-110 N/A Standard N/A Hazardous Location N/A Universal 48-240 VAC, 24-48 VDC
11-8710-210 N/A Standard N/A Ordinary Location N/A Universal 48-240 VAC, 24-48 VDC
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