When transmitting power from the power source to the vibrating head, select one of Oztec's flexible shafts. Oztec Flexible Shaft inner cores are made from extra-high carbon steel wires with casings made from tough abrasion resistant neoprene rubber, reinforced with multiple layers of high tensile wire braiding with a hardened flat steel liner. This construction makes Oztec Flexible Shafts rigid enough for driving into the stiffest concrete without kinking yet limber and non-slip for easy and effective handling. Oztec Flexible Shafts are interchangeable on all Oztec power units, are reversible (doubling their service life), and come supplied with "quick change" adapters.
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FS 02 OZ N/A FS 02 OZ N/A 2 ft
FS 05 OZ N/A FS 05 OZ N/A 5 ft
FS 07 OZ N/A FS 07 OZ N/A 7 ft
FS 10 OZ N/A FS 10 OZ N/A 10 ft
FS 14 OZ N/A FS 14 OZ N/A 14 ft
FS 16 OZ N/A FS 16 OZ N/A 16 ft
FS 18 OZ N/A FS 18 OZ N/A 18 ft
FS 21 OZ N/A FS 21 OZ N/A 21 ft
FSP03OZ N/A FSP 03 OZ N/A 3 ft
FSP06OZ N/A FSP 06 OZ N/A 6 ft
FSP09OZ N/A FSP 09 OZ N/A 9 ft
FSP15OZ N/A FSP 15 OZ N/A 15 ft
FSP20OZ N/A FSP 20 OZ N/A 20 ft
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