To upgrade performance and and reduce maintenance, the BIG BLASTER® XHV Air Cannon Valve Assembly can be retrofit onto air cannon systems from any manufacturer. A simple, 8-bolt attachment allows the XHV Assembly to be installed on existing MARTIN® Internal-Valve BIG BLASTER® Air Cannons, as well as onto competitive models.

Select the XHV Valve Assembly for all temperature conditions.


Reduced Maintenance
Durable piston and short stroke minimize wear and tear on moving parts to reduce maintenance time and expense.

Improved Performance
Effective seal controls leaking air which means lower cost of operation.

Guaranteed Performance
The XHV Retrofit Kit is guaranteed for 200,000 Firings. Free lifetime replacements for all moving parts.
The BIG BLASTER® XHV Retrofit Valve Kit includes Valve Assembly, Gasket, and Bolts.
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Item #

Item Name

35879 N/A 2" XHV Retrofit Valve
35082 N/A 4" XHV Retrofit Valve
35669 N/A 6" XHV Retrofit Valve
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