The BINMASTER® SMARTBOB MultiBob Continuous Inventory System allows from 2 to 32 SMARTBOB Sensors to be mounted in a single bin, tank, silo , or any other vessel containing powders or bulk solid materials. The measurement data from each sensor is averaged in the advanced eBob Software based on user-defined parameters to provide a single level measurement and percentage full for the bin.

The MultiBob System is useful when installed in any bin where the User wants more data to determine inventory levels. The measurement data, as reported in feet by the SMARTBOB Sensor, is very precise and repeatable. Each sensor measures in the same location every time, detecting level changes in bins containing difficult-to-measure material, such as large diameter bins with areas where material tends to pile up.

In addition to multiple point measurement, the advanced eBob Software allows the User to add a strapping table to the bin parameters to further personalize the data for a particular bin. Strapping tables are helpful when the material in the bin tends to compact, which makes the bulk density of the material higher at the bottom of the bin than at the top. In a non-linear vessel, the addition of a strapping table will improve the estimated volume of material in the tank.

  • 2 to 32 SMARTBOB Sensors on a Single Vessel
  • Software Averages Level for Selected Sensors
  • View Levels for One Sensor or All Sensors
  • Can Indicate Cone Up or Down Conditions
  • Detects High and Low Spots
  • Strapping Tables for Custom Vessel Configuration
  • Measurements at User-Defined Levels
  • Initiates Measurements on Demand
  • Automated Alerts for Various Alarm Conditions
  • No Climbing and No Tape Measurers
  • Plastics
  • Food Ingredients
  • Feed, Seed & Grain
  • Chemicals

For more information on SMARTBOB Multi-Bob Continuous Inventory Systems, contact Customer Support at 800.332.9770.
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