Don't overlook your flow potential - get the most use out of your vibrator!
The correct Vibrator Mount is clean, flat, tight and secure - and usually overlooked! Unfortunately, the majority of Vibrators never perform to their potential because of poor, ineffective mounting. With the WORKMASTER Mount Beam Kit, the necessary components for the most energy efficient and safe mount are right at your fingertips! Incorporate a Mount Beam Kit into your bin, hopper or chute vibration plans and see first-hand how a properly mounted Vibrator will instantly prompt and continuously maintain flow in any bin, hopper, silo or chute application by transmitting more vibration energy into the stored material, while reducing Vibrator maintenance, lowering noise levels, eliminating safety concerns, and curtailing damage to the vessel. Each Mount Beam Kit includes:
  • Mount Plate with Pre-Drilled Bolt Holes to match the footprint of your specific Vibrator, deburred edges for a clean, smooth finish
  • One (1) 6' Long Safety Cable with two (2) Wire Rope Clips on each end
  • Two (2) Heavy-Duty Weld-On D-Rings
  • Four (4) Grade 8 Hex Head Cap Screws with matched Elastic Stop Nuts and Compression Washers
  • Complete Vibrator Mounting Guide
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