The CCC® Model LP Straight Blade Belt Cleaner is a low cost, highly efficient rubber-bladed conveyor belt cleaner for use on medium-speed belts. The belt cleaner mounts under the head pulley to remove carryback and return it into the discharge stream. The Model LP provides an easy way to maintain conveyor belts, decreasing costly downtime and material clean-up.

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Item #

# of Blades

LP-12S N/A
LP-12R N/A
LP-16S N/A
LP-16R N/A
LP-18S N/A
LP-18R N/A
LP-20S N/A
LP-20R N/A
LP-24S N/A
LP-24R N/A
LP-30S N/A
LP-30R N/A
LP-36S N/A
LP-36R N/A
LP-42S N/A
LP-42R N/A
LP-48S N/A
LP-48R N/A
LP-54S N/A
LP-54R N/A
LP-60S N/A
LP-60R N/A
LP-72S N/A
LP-72R N/A
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