The KOMPTEC® KT 90 is a portable, lightweight, high-pressure air compressor designed for fast, reliable service in a wide range of applications requiring compressed air storage bottles and tanks including the T-FORCE® Air Supply System. The 3-Stage Compressor block, with a replaceable steel liner in the high-pressure stage, provides long, trouble-free operation and ease of maintenance. The Compressor's unique COMBIFILTER™ with an integrated sintered condensate separator, dries and purifies the high-pressure compressed air discharged from the compressor to protect downstream components such as;Air Supply;System's Regulator and Cylinder from contamination by moisture and oil.
  • The KT-90 Generates 3.5 CFM at 4800 PSI to rapidly fill the T-FORCE Bottles
  • The KT-90 is available in either electric drive or gas drive
  • The KT-90 incorporates a unique, long-lasting, combination desiccant/sintered bronze filter that produces 99.99% moisture and contaminant-free compressed air. Compressed Air so dry it can be used without concern of freeze-up at low temperatures.
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