Eliminate sag, spillage, and material entrapment. Improve belt support with MARTIN® GUARDASEAL™ Bars

The MARTIN® GUARDASEAL™ Idler Conversion Kit improves a conveyor's belt support system by stabilizing the line, improving sealing, and preventing spillage. This simple kit links two more troughing idler frames, replacing the wing rollers with MARTIN® GUARDASEAL™ Support Bars.

Two GUARDASEAL™ Idler Conversion Brackets (enough for one idler set).
Two or four GUARDASEAL™ Conversion Clamps (to hold GUARDASEAL™ bars to Conversion Brackets. Quantity depends on whether belt width requires one or two bars per cradle side).

Two Bars per side start at 48" belt width.
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Item #

Belt Width

37135-K24 N/A 24 in610 mm
37135-K30 N/A 30 in762 mm
37135-K36 N/A 36 in914 mm
37135-K42 N/A 42 in1067 mm
37135-K48 N/A 48 in1219 mm
37135-K54 N/A 54 in1372 mm
37135-K60 N/A 60 in1524 mm
37135-K66 N/A 66 in1676 mm
37135-K72 N/A 72 in1829 mm
37135-K84 N/A 84 in2134 mm
37135-K96 N/A 96 in2438 mm
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