Belt Widths: 18" to 84" (Inline & Reversing)
Max Belt Speed: 750 FPM (Inline & Reversing)
Mainframe Options: Single Cleaner and SS
Blade Options: 3 Types (Tungsten Carbide, SS, or Urethane)

The most effective way to clean a conveyor belt is with a belt washing system, often referred to as a wash-box. A belt wash-box is a proven method of removing residual material from conveyor belts in applications where environmental issues, regulatory concerns, or other problems mandate high-efficiency cleaning.

In the MARTIN® WASHBOX™ Belt Washing System, as the belt enters the wash-box a set of return idlers stabilizes the belt. Next, a spray bar uniformly sprays the load-carrying width of the belt with water, and the wash-box's first belt cleaner removes most of the residual material from the belt. (The water in the system can be substituted with anti-freeze or dust suppressant chemicals.) Finally, the wash-box's second belt cleaner removes the remaining residual material and begins to dry the belt. (After the wash-box, some variation of a belt drying system, from pressure rollers to squeegee blades to forced-air blowers, might follow, to completely dry the belt.)

In addition to the cleaning elements mentioned above, the WASHBOX™ includes arrangements for handling the discharge of the effluent (the slurry of water and removed solids), and for the separation, recycling and/or disposal of the water and the removed material. The system also includes an enclosure, seals to prevent overspray, controls, and access doors to allow inspection and maintenance.

Our WASHBOX™ is the ultimate in cleaning the belt - but it is designed to deal with only the final removal of any residual amount of material that passes the upstream cleaning equipment. We, therefore, recommend that at least one primary cleaner and one or two secondary cleaners be used on any conveyor where a wash-box is being considered. These cleaners - placed upstream (ie, closer to the conveyor's discharge), of the point where the wash-box will be installed - will significantly reduce the amount of carryback to be removed in the wash-box, and result in substantial savings on water usage and operating costs. Without these cleaners, there will be too much carryback material to be removed from the belt by the wash-box, and, therefore, too many solids in the effluent.

For additional information or for assistance in selecting the wash-box best suited to your application, contact Customer Support at 800.332.9770.
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