Installed outside conveyor transfer point skirtboards, the MARTIN® EVO® External Wear Liner Retrofit Kit is an economical upgrade that improves skirtboard sealing and prevents spillage. Wearliner can typically be installed without requiring work inside chute or interfering with existing chute supports. EVO® External Wear Liner can easily be installed on existing studs in applications already using MARTIN® APRONSEAL™ Skirting & Clamps.

  • Improves Sealing
    Keeps the burden of cargo away from the sealing system.
  • Simple Installation
    Wear Liner plates mount to the outside of existing transfer point skirtboard, without interfering with existing supports.
  • Easy Adjustment
    Jack screws provide precise adjustment of wear liner to reduce spillage.
  • Suits Cargo and Conditions
    Available in 3/8" or 1/2" thick BRINNEL 400 or BRINNEL 500 abrasion-resistant plate. Fits conveyors with trough angles from flat to 35º. Standard length is 72".
  • Improves Maintenance
    Replacing worn external wear liner requires minimal welding and no chute entry.
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