Installed inside conveyor transfer point skirtboards, MARTIN® Wear Liner creates a dam to shield the sealing system from the weight of the material load, prolonging the life of the seal. Straight wear liner is recommended in transfer points where impact or "bounce" of the material can lead to the entrapment of lumps between deflector liners and the chute wall. For ease of installation, MARTIN® Wear Liner is available with pre-drilled and countersunk mounting holes.

For MARTIN® Wear Liner with mounting holes, specify P/N 32055-XX.

For MARTIN® Wear Liner without mounting holes, specify P/N WL-XXXXXXXXXXXX.

The first four Xs indicate height of liner in inches (Example: 0800 = 8" H). The next 4 Xs indicate the length of liner in inches (Example: 4800 = 48" L). The next three Xs indicate the thickness of the Wear Liner in inches (Example: 050 = 0.50" Thick). The last X indicates liner material (5 = AR500, T = Tricon Chromium Carbide, C = Wearcon Chromium Carbide, M = Work Hardening Alloy).

For MARTIN® Stainless Steel Wear Liner, specify 100447 for weldable Wear Liner or 32055-SS for Wear Liner with mounting holes and hardware.

For MARTIN® UHMW Wear Liner, specify 32054-XX for Wear Liner mounting holds and hardware (XX = Trough Angle).
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