Effective and efficient are the words that best describe our electric pokers. They're light and easy to handle, yet provide the vibration needed to remove air voids in the concrete. Fast startup, a wide radius of action and rapid acceleration for removal of air voids add to the effectiveness. Plus, the electric motor is highly efficient and the low voltage helps protect the operator. Vibration, vibrating, electric pokers, generator, concrete Our electric pokers are specifically designed for use in medium to high slump concrete. The VPE series is used with a frequency converter or specific generators delivering 42V-3-200Hz.
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Head Dia.

4812050556 N/A VPE 40 N/A 12000 vpm N/A 86 dB N/A 10 ft N/A 4 lb N/A 1.6 in
4812050557 N/A VPE 50 N/A 12000 vpm N/A 87 dB N/A 11.2 ft N/A 6.7 lb N/A 2 in
4812050558 N/A VPE 60 N/A 12000 vpm N/A 95 dB N/A 13 ft N/A 11.2 lb N/A 2.4 in
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