The Model DPT is used to prevent foreign material from being caught between the belt and the tail pulley. These conveyor belt cleaners deflect material off the belt before damage is done to the belting or tail pulley. 

The Model DPT Diagonal Plow style belt cleaner reduces the chances of belt damage and punctures by removing foreign material from the inside of the conveyor belt. These cleaners are helpful where belts are being overloaded or skirting has been worn. Diagonal Plows are specifically designed for reversing (bi-directional) conveyor belts, or shuttle conveyors. 

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Item #

Belt Width

DPT-12 N/A 12 in
DPT-16 N/A 16 in
DPT-18 N/A 18 in
DPT-20 N/A 20 in
DPT-24 N/A 24 in
DPT-30 N/A 30 in
DPT-36 N/A 36 in
DPT-42 N/A 36 in
DPT-48 N/A 48 in
DPT-54 N/A 54 in
DPT-60 N/A 60 in
DPT-72 N/A 72 in
DPT-84 N/A 84 in
DPT-96 N/A 96 in
DPT-102 N/A 102 in
WBD-12 N/A 12 in
WBD-16 N/A 16 in
WBD-18 N/A 18 in
WBD-20 N/A 20 in
WBD-24 N/A 24 in
WBD-30 N/A 30 in
WBD-36 N/A 42 in
WBD-42 N/A
WBD-48 N/A 48 in
WBD-54 N/A 54 in
1 - 25 of 30 | Results Per Page | View | Unit of Measure
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