Optional Display Modules can be used with the BINMASTER® SMARTSONIC Ultrasonic Level Transmitters for remote viewing of the tank level. Dependent on the model selected, the display module will display the percentage full on a bar graph or display the information via an LED display. Other features include optional dual set points that allow for easy adjustment from the front of the display. The Display Modules are available with optional relay outputs to provide process control or local alarms. Alternatively, process loop analog output modules can be used to transmit the measurement data to a PLC, DCS, or other analog device.

The Display Modules can be panel-mounted in the control room, or an optional Display Module Enclosure can house either 5, 7, or 11 Display Modules. The Enclosure cabinet is constructed of high impact polycarbonate and is NEMA 4X rated to withstand harsh industrial environments.
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348-0009 N/A SSCM-1 SMARTSONIC Display Module N/A SSCM-1
348-0012 N/A SSCM-5 SMARTSONIC Display Module N/A SSCM-5
348-0014 N/A SSCM-7 SMARTSONIC Display Module N/A SSCM-7
348-0016 N/A SSCM-8 SMARTSONIC Display Module N/A SSCM-8
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