Side Guide Rollers are often used while training new belts, and in emergencies, to keep the belt centered. Ordinarily side guides are not necessary when S-A idlers are used and properly aligned, when the belt is squarely spliced, and when the load is well centered on the belt.

When guides are used as a precautionary measure, they should be set clear of the belt edges so as to restrain the belt only when it strays to one side of normal.

Location of Guide Rollers on the carrying side should be about 10' back of the head pulley and then at intervals of 50' or more. Guide Rollers in the return run of the belt should be located 10' - 12' ahead of the tail pulley so as to center the belt as it enters the tail pulley. Additional pairs may then be centered at 30' - 50' spaces.

Style 725-10 Lower Guide - Return
  • All Steel Base
  • Ball Bearing Disc to guide the belt
  • Horizontal Shaft
  • Large diameter provides guiding surface for a wide range of belt levels
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Pattern # (Reference)

L-15725-008-01 N/A Troughed Belts N/A 9 5/8 in N/A 13 in N/A 18 lb N/A A N/A 19964
L-15725-008-02 N/A Troughed Belts N/A 12 5/8 in N/A 16 in N/A 21 lb N/A B N/A 19965
L-15725-008-03 N/A Troughed Belts N/A 15 5/8 in N/A 19 in N/A 24 lb N/A C N/A 19966
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