With tens of thousands of units working worldwide, the WAM® SILOTOP® Silo Venting Filter, a cylindrically shaped dust collector, is the world's favorite solution for the venting of pneumatically-filled bins or silos. Its stainless steel body contains vertically mounted, POLYPLEAT® Filter Elements, and its Air Jet Cleaning System is integrated into the hinged Weather Protection Cover. Dust is separated from the air flow by the POLYPLEAT® Filter Elements and drops back into the silo after the Cleaning System removes it from the Filter Elements. Originally designed for cement and similar materials, SILOTOP® can now be used with any dry, dust-generating material that does not pack under pressure.

  • Ease of Maintenance Reduces Maintenance Costs
  • Complete Filter Media Replacement by One Person in Just Minutes
  • No Special Tools Required for Filtering Element Removal
  • Low Dust Emission
  • Maintenance-Free Air Jet Cleaning Unit Integrated Inside Weather Protection Cover
  • "Full Immersion" Solenoid Valves Incorporated in Aluminum, Corrosion-Resistant Air Tank for Provide High Cleaning Efficiency and Low Maintenance Operation
  • Safe 304 Stainless Steel Weather Protection Cover with Lockable Snap Hook
  • 1-Worker Complete Replacement of Filter Media Within Minutes
  • Standard Fitting of Condensation Release Valve on Air Reservoir
  • Special 304 SS Air Distributors Reduce Flow Resistance and Prevent Rust
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WAM® SILOTOP® R03 Silo Venting Filter N/A 304 Stainless Steel w/ Bottom Flange N/A POLYPLEAT® Filter Elements
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