The WAM® WAMFLO® Flanged Round Dust Collector features a cylindrical shape 304 Stainless Steel body and flanged connection. This connection holds vertically mounted POLYPLEAT® Filter Elements while the Air Jet Cleaning System is incorporated into the top cover. WAMFLO® Dust Collectors can be supplied with or without suction fans and can be used for venting and suction applications. There is no requirement for tools for removal of filtering element, providing quick access and easy maintenance. There is a range of filter elements available for use with WAMFLO® Dust Collectors including Round Bags, Elliptical Bags, Cartridges, and POLYPLEAT®.

WAMFLO® Dust Collectors also feature a safe Weather Protection Cover that has a lockable snap hook as well as durable and hygienic low-cost operation for increased work safety. A multi-functional intelligent electronic control panel is also supplied with these Flanged Round Dust Collectors. This Dust Collector can be used in a variety of industries such as the cement, food processing, wastewater, and animal feed / grain and plastics industries.

There are four (4) versions available:
  • WAMFLO® S-Type Basic Filters for Pressure and Suction Systems
  • WAMFLO® I-Type Insertable Filters for Pressure and Suction Systems
  • WAMFLO® D-Type Negative Pressure Application Filters
  • WAMFLO® E-Type Insertable Negative Pressure Application Filters

  • Reduced Maintenance and Operating Costs Due to Increased Durability
  • No Tools or Hardware Required
  • Minimized Pressure Loss
  • Wide Range of Filter Elements
  • Push-Fit Filter Element Assembly
  • Weatherproof Finish Can Easy be Turned into Food-Grade
  • "Full Immersion" Solenoid Valves Incorporated in Air Tank to Minimize Flow Resistance
  • Low Emission Level Due to BIA-Certified Filter Media
  • Multi-Functional Intelligent Electronic Control Panel
  • Safe Weather Protection Cover with Lockable Snap Hook
  • Corrosion-Resistant Aluminum Air Tank
  • Weather Protection Cover "Auto-Lock" Hinges Self-Locking When Open
  • High Efficiency Air Jet Cleaning Unit Integrated Inside Weather Protection Cover
  • Robust 304 Stainless Steel Body with Bottom Flange
  • Weather Protection Cover with Lockable Snap Hook
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