The WAM® HOPPERTOP Weigh Hopper Venting Filter is a compact cylindrical venting filter specifically designed for installation on mechanically-loaded weigh hoppers in concrete batching plants. Dust, which is separated from the air flow by a single WAM® Cartridge Filter element, drops back into the hopper after the integrated Automatic Reverse Air Jet Cleaning System inside the Weather Protection Cover has removed the dust particles from the filter elements. The design of this filter precludes frequent maintenance and allows for high-filtration efficiency.

  • Compact Dimensions Allow for Easy Handling
  • High-Performance, Special Cartridge Pleat Geometry Ensures Durability
  • High-Efficiency Filter Media Compliant with International Dust Emission Directives
  • Hinged Top Cover and Cartridge Removal Without Tools Provide Easy Maintenance
  • Durable Stainless Steel Design
  • Low Dust Emission
  • Maintenance-Free Air Jet Cleaning Unit Integrated Inside Weather Protection Cover
  • "Full Immersion" Solenoid Valves Incorporated in Aluminum, Corrosion-Resistant Air Tank for Provide High Cleaning Efficiency and Low Maintenance Operation
  • Easy-to-Fit and Retrofit
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Body Material

Cleaning System

HOPPERTOP N/A Stainless Steel Flanged N/A Compressed Air Jet Cleaning System
C032PP0 N/A N/A
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