A 5 Gallon Bucket Revolution
Not since the shift from metal to plastic was there;any reason to change to a better 5 Gallon Bucket - much less a safety reason;- but that's changed because;the pail;design has finally evolved. We've "Broken the Mold" (so to speak) with this revolutionary and patented bucket design.
The WORKMASTER® 5 Gallon Bucket with Lid uniquely provides what bucket users have always wanted: a built-in hand-grip on the bottom of the 5-gallon pail. Adding this molded-in grip is a game-changing feature that greatly improves worker convenience, efficiency, and safety on any job. This one-piece, user friendly bucket works in any application currently using a 5 gallon pail and it's also cost competitive with the unwieldy 5-gallon bucket you currently use.

Others "Pail" in;Comparison
Firstly, the WORKMASTER® 5 Gallon Bucket can store-and safely and cleanly pour-paints, inks, chemicals, foods, construction materials, ice, pet foods and more. The pail also has a range of other applications in industrial, agricultural, pharmaceutical, construction and commercial applications.
Secondly, the WORKMASTER® 5 Gallon Bucket with lid meets or exceeds every typical industry standard. The pail;features;high-density polyethylene (HDPE) construction and measures;a full 5-gallons. The grey plastic pail has an HD 90-mil wall thickness, reinforcing ribs for shape retention, and a metal handle with plastic grip. The grey pail, metal handle, and its black cover lid (sold separately) are all 100% recyclable.
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Item #


71-7GY01 N/A IPM Utility Bucket; 5 Gal
71-7GY02 N/A Lid f/ Utility Bucket; Press-On
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