The Tork-Mate® 890 series, extended-life actuators are ideal for the operation of 90º-turn devices such as butterfly valves, ball valves, plug valves, damper valves, and other devices. Tork-Mate® pneumatic actuators have features that are unique, providing many benefits to the user looking for worry-free service.
  • TMHC 2324
    A proprietary two-step, hardcoat process that offers superior protection on interior and exterior housing surfaces, TMHC 2324 also ensures maximum life from the piston seals, piston bearings, and heel bearings.
  • NAMUR Mounting
    Tork-Mate® 890 series actuators meet the latest NAMUR standards, allowing direct or close coupling of NAMUR-designed accessories. The pinion interface features a positive, international standard drive for positioners, switches, and other accessories. The solenoid interface allows direct acceptance of any NAMUR-designed control valves.
  • Modular
    Easily removable end caps and modular spring packs simplify the conversion from double-acting to spring-return configurations.
  • Travel Adjustment
    The Tork-Mate® 890 series actuators feature pinion travel stops that allow a full ±100 of valve travel adjustment. As an option, extended-stroke adjustment screws can be added for inexpensive throttling applications.
  • Extended Cycle Life
    Special piston seals provide greatly extended life compared to standard O-ring actuators. All other bearings, seals, and components have been engineered to provide superior and extended service lives.
  • Blow-out Proof Pinion Gear
    In addition to the stainless-steel pinion retaining ring, the Tork-Mate® 890 series actuators feature a unique, internal safety bar.
  • Operating Ranges
    Tork-Mate® 890 series, double-acting actuators produce guaranteed minimum torque outputs up to 17,466 inch/pounds (1973 Nm).
  • Imperial or Metric Mounting
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Item #

Inboard Volume

Approx. Weight

Spring Set

Spring Torque Output (Start)

Spring Torque Output (End)

Max. Operating Pressure

11003-SR-2 N/A 6257 cm³ N/A 48 kg N/A 2 N/A 409 N·m N/A 208 N·m N/A 8.6 bar
11003-SR-3 N/A 6257 cm³ N/A 48 kg N/A 3 N/A 613 N·m N/A 310 N·m N/A 8.6 bar
11003-SR-4 N/A 6257 cm³ N/A 48 kg N/A 4 N/A 816 N·m N/A 414 N·m N/A 8.6 bar
11003-SR-5 N/A 6257 cm³ N/A 48 kg N/A 5 N/A 1308 N·m N/A 518 N·m N/A 8.6 bar
11003-SR-6 N/A 6257 cm³ N/A 48 kg N/A 6 N/A 1226 N·m N/A 622 N·m N/A 8.6 bar
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