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The PJRC160 is a Cordless Rebar Cutter offering higher efficiency and longer life than others of its kind. The PJRC160 is capable of up to 170 cuts per charge, a 35% increase from the previous MAX model. Enabled by a Lithium-Ion battery, the PJRC160 can make cuts in just 3.5 seconds, making it the fastest rebar cutter on the market. Additionally, the brushless twisting motor achieves full 360 degree head rotation and does not require service caused by brush erosion or dirt on commutator.
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PJRC160 N/A 16.8 lb N/A 9" X 4" X 15-1/4" N/A JPL925 Li-Ion Battery N/A DC 25.2V (3.0Ah) N/A #5 X #5 Rebar N/A < 3.5 seconds (#5 X #5 Rebar) N/A Approx. 170 cuts (#5 X #5 Rebar); Approx. 290 Cuts (#4 X #4 Rebar) N/A 360°
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