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The MARTIN® BIG BLASTER® Piston Return Reservoir retrofits onto MARTIN® BIG BLASTER® TORNADO Valves to cut plant air consumption by 50% and shorten the duration of the valve's refill cycle time without reducing force.


Increased Force Output
Retains maximum force output with a shorter refill cycle time.

Significant Air Savings
Utilizing the Reservoice, a 50% compressed air savings is actualized - with a higher operating pressure.

Upgrade Performance
Retrofit onto your existing MARTIN® XHV Cannon with TORNADO Exhaust Valve.
Martin Big Blaster Piston Return Reservoir

Item #

Item Name

37733-C N/A Piston Return Reservoir Canister w/TORNADO Exhaust Valve
38351 N/A Piston Return Reservoir Canister Only