This High-Temp 3DLevelScanner-ML with extended temperatures up to 365°F is for use in multiple scanner systems that do not include the 3D visualization feature. It features a 7.67" diameter horn, 20-36 VDC, 4-20 mA output / Hart protocol, and RS-485 communications. When used in a multi-scanner system, it provides accurate readings of level and volume for stored materials based on two or more synchronized ML units. The multi-scanner system provides an analog output which represents (as a default value) the overall volume of the contents of the entire silo. Unit comes with internal LCD display and 3DLevelManager software. A controller (purchased separately) calculates volume by integrating data from multiple scanners. Appropriate for silos up to 200' tall. Hazardous location approved, FM listed for Class I, II, Division 1, Groups C, D, E, F & G.


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