MARTIN® APRONSEAL™ Single Skirting is a dual sealing system that prevents spillage without requiring service to maintain an effective seal. MARTIN® APRONSEAL™ Skirting Systems provide dual-sealing surfaces. The primary seal is clamped to the chute wall with the self-adjusting secondary laying outward to create an effective dust seal that is out of the material flow.

  • Provides effective sealing on higher speed belts.
  • Offers a dual sealing system in a one-piece construction which offers ease of installation.
  • EPDM 60 rubber composite offers good chemical resistance and low-abrasion index characteristics. Applicable on 0°, 20°, 35°, and 45° troughing angles.
  • Available in continuous lengths up to 200'. No splices even in long applications.
Unit of Measure


Min. Free Belt Edge @ 0° Trough Angle

N/A 3.50 in

Min. Free Belt Edge @ 20° Trough Angle

N/A 4.25 in

Min. Free Belt Edge @ 35° Trough Angle

N/A 4.75 in

Min. Free Belt Edge @ 45° Trough Angle

N/A 5.00 in
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