The T-Force™ 4500 Solution
A;completely portable, environmentally friendly, high pressure compressed air energy supply. Clean, moisture-free, compressed air at 4500 PSI is stored in safe, lightweight, carbon fiber wrapped bottles to power a wide range of air tools, from nailers, caulking guns and drills, to the KODI® KLIPPER GUN used to connect rebar. Versatility
The WORK BOTTLE System is designed and manufactured in America for a variety of construction, industrial, and military applications. Lightweight and powerful, the System reduces worker fatigue while significantly increasing productivity and time savings. The System eliminates connection to compressors, cumbersome hose lengths laying on the ground, and wasted job site set-up and breakdown time. Safety
T-FORCE;Portable Air Supply;System consists of a 4500 PSI carbon fiber wrapped bottle, AND a one piece, Dual-Stage Regulator that accurately dial-adjusts output pressure;from 5 PSI to 130 PSI. Every System is hydro-stat tested, conforms to OSHA Standard 1910.22, and is approved and certified by the DOT. Reliability
The;T-FORCE WORK BOTTLE System is designed to provide consistently regulated pressure in any environment - from extreme heat to sub-zero temperatures. The System can be safely stored in a car, truck, or warehouse, and is safe to carry on a work belt or backpack. The compressed air never leaks out, and the System can be used underwater.

T-FORCE™;Portable Air System;Features
  • 4500 PSI, 114ci Carbon Fiber Wrapped Bottle w/ Bottle Pouch
  • One Piece Dual Stage T-100 Regulator machined from T-6061 Aircraft Aluminum
  • 1 Blue 6' Coil Hose rated at 145 PSI
  • Quick Connect Hose Couplings
  • Dual Indicator Gauges bottle;air pressure, (PSI);and output;working air pressure PSI
  • Pressure Adjustment Knob (5 PSI - 130 PSI)
  • Easy access Fill Port to refill the;WORK BOTTLE™

The KOMPTEC® KT 90 is a portable, lightweight, High-Pressure Air Compressor designed to provide a fast, reliable compressed air fill;service for storage bottles, tanks including the T-FORCE Portable Air Supply;System. The 3-Stage Compressor block, with a replaceable steel liner in the high-pressure stage, provides long, trouble-free operation and ease of maintenance. The Compressor's unique COMBIFILTER™ with an integrated sintered condensate separator, dries and purifies the High-Pressure Compressed Air discharged from the compressor to protect downstream components contamination by moisture and oil.


KOMPTEC® KT 90 Features
  • Portable and;reliable;3-Stage High Pressure Air Compressor
  • COMBIFILTER™ Compressed Air filtration system produces 99.99% moisture-free and contaminant-free compressed air
  • Filter life is up to 40-hours of operation
  • Housing and Belt Guard System prevents contact with moving or hot parts
  • Powder Coated Housing with Carrying Handle
  • Filling Hose with safety valve and pressure gauge
  • Pressure Relief Valves after the 1st and 2nd stage
  • Aluminum Cylinder, in the 3rd stage with steel liner
  • Aluminum Piston with PTFE piston rings in the 1st stage
  • Plasma Nitride Steel Piston with PTFE piston rings in the 2nd and 3rd stage
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