Over time, the inside edges of a railcar's capstan can wear and become rounded. When this happens, opening and unloading a hopper car becomes an inefficient and costly task. WORKMASTER®'s tapered Swagging Tool Kit can bring new life to the most worn capstans. With just a few hammer blows, worn or damaged capstans are quickly renewed. The Swagging Hammer delivers 40% more driving force than conventional style hammers. It has a 10" overall length and a 2-1/2" face that makes hitting the targeted Swage Tool a cinch - every time. With an ergonomic grip design and weighing only 48-oz, the Swagging Hammer is comfortable and easy to swing. Our Swage Tool and Swagging Hammer delivers the results you need to get difficult capstan sockets squared-up and ready to rotate.
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