The MARTIN® Air Cannon Control System is an advanced, yet practical, system for controlling the discharge of sophisticated air cannon systems.

The MARTIN® Air Cannon Control System provides PLC-based control for the discharge of complex systems of up to 30 Air Cannons. Programming allows individual control of every air cannon, providing the utmost utility and flexibility in managing material flow, and in preventing buildups and blockages, all while minimizing compressed air usage.
Unit of Measure



N/A 16.5 in419 mm


N/A 18.5 in470 mm


System Size

N/A Up to 22 Air Cannons

Program 1

N/A Fires all air cannons in sequence as a continuous cycle. Allows for individual or common OFF times before discharge of subsequent air cannon. A main delay establishes the time between the discharge of the last air cannon in the sequence and the first air

Program 2

N/A Allows each air cannon to have individual parameters for OFF time. Program is non-sequential and discharge of any air cannon is not affected by the cycle of other air cannons.

Electrical Requirements

N/A 120/240 VAC, 1P; 50/60 Hz

Power Consumption

N/A 10 VA


N/A Up to 30 Relay Contacts N.O.


N/A One 1-Amp Fuse

Temperature Range

N/A -13° to 130° F / -25° to 54° C ºF



Enclosure Dimensions

N/A 18.5 x 16.5 in (470 x 419 mm)

Timing Range

N/A Sequential, with from 1 second to 100 hours between discharges

Manual Control

N/A Individual air cannons can be discharged or disabled through the "Cannon Parameters" screen


N/A Allen-Bradley Micrologix 1100 System with preloaded software

Programming Controller (Keypad)

N/A Allen-Bradley Panel View 300

External Control Connectability

N/A Built in 10/100 Mbps EtherNet/IP Port and 120 VAC Enable Switch



  • Precision Flow Control
    Suited for medium to large air cannon systems to meet application requirements.
  • Programming Flexibility
    PLC-based control system allows effective control of individual firing sequences within larger air cannon systems.
  • Easy to Program
    On-board keypad with LCD to access preloaded software.
  • Simple Installation
    Wire the air cannon solenoid valves to the control system, connect the electrical supply, and program the firing sequence.
  • Accepts External Control
    Connects to plant control room through integral Ethernet port.
  • Water-Tight/Dust-Tight
    NEMA 4X Enclosure is suitable for indoor or outdoor application.
  • Systems Engineering and Installation Available

Installation Available

N/A Guaranteed Installation of BIG BLASTER® Air Cannon System including MARTIN® / AIRMATIC® Air Cannon Control System is available from Airmatic Service Group.

Drawings Available

N/A Certified engineering drawings of BIG BLASTER® Air Cannon Systems including the MARTIN® Air Cannon Control System are available from Airmatic Inc.

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