It's no secret that our MAX Rebar Tiers not only significantly reduce hand, wrist, and forearm injuries, but also significantly speed up rebar connecting at any job site. Now, with MAX USA Grade Wire, MAX Tiers can be used on any DOT job in the nation.

MAX USA Grade Wire has been spooled with American Made Steel - melted and manufactured in the USA. To meet "Made In The USA" and QA Standards, each product has individual serial numbers which can be traced to the heat number of the steel mill. The Mill Certified Wire is available both Black and Plastic Coated Spools. The spools use 21 Ga wire, and can be used in the RB218, RB398, and the RB518 rebar tiers.

POLYESTER COATED: This carbon steel, dead soft annealed wire is powder coated with a yellow polymer. It is used when tying epoxy coated rebar or other DOT mandated uses, or anywhere a cushioned wire with added protection against corrosion or abrasives is needed.

With Max Tiers making connections in less than a second, there is no quicker alternative to hand tying on the market - and it's now MADE IN AMERICA.
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