A cost-effective solution for promoting and maintaining the flow of a variety of powders and bulk solids. The BIN-BUTLER™ Aeration System's injector heads fire a radial pattern of powerful air pulses between the material and the container wall to undercut, excite, and put the material into fast motion. The dislodged, stimulated material then gravity-flows downward to the outlet. Our solid-state, Programmable Time-Sequence Controller is used to precisely fire the System's strategically located injector heads so that they act in concert to maintain a consisten, regulated out-flow during the storage vessel's discharge cycle.
  • Restores 100% Capacity
  • Safe, Non-Damaging to Vessel
  • Fast, Simple Installation From Outside of Vessel
  • Injector Head Warranty - 1 Million Cycles
  • Won't Jam or Clog Regardless of Material
  • Heavy-Duty, Durable, Maintenance-Free Design
  • Mounts to Any Structure or Surface
  • Operates in Temperatures to 555ºF
  • Precision Machined, High-Grade Carbon Steel or All Stainless Steel Components
  • Long, Trouble-Free Continuous Duty Service
  • Instant, Controlled FIFO Flow
  • Operating Pressure 40 PSI - 125 PSI
Unit of Measure


N/A BB-075


N/A Carbon or Stainless Steel


N/A Coupling


N/A 3/4 in

Area of Influence at 40 PSI (Dia)

N/A 2 ft

Area of Influence at 60 PSI (Dia)

N/A 3 ft

Area of Influence at 80 PSI (Dia)

N/A 4 ft

Area of Influence at 100 PSI (Dia)

N/A 5 ft

Air Consumption at 40 PSI

N/A 0.3 cfm

Air Consumption at 60 PSI

N/A 0.5 cfm

Air Consumption at 80 PSI

N/A 0.7 cfm

Air Consumption at 100 PSI

N/A 0.9 cfm
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