CC Series
With its cradle lug bracket, the CC Series is suited for applications reguiring portability and position changes.
Units slip into cradle lug bracket (use P/N 28732) for simple portability.
  • High-Grade Ductile Iron Case provides maximum durability.
  • Low-Maintenance Bearings require lubrication after 500 hours of service.
  • Integral Clamp Foot on CCV Series provides portability and positive mounting.
  • Powerful, Efficient Motor for long service life, minimal power consumption.
  • Adjustable Eccentrics allow tuning of force output of most models to match application.
Rule-of-thumb vibrator sizing
One pound of vibrator force for every ten pounds of bin content. Mount vibrator as close as possible to material outlet. Reinforce mount area to prevent flexure of bin wall at mount location. Force output data derived from vibrator mounted to 10,000 pound (4530 kg) test block. Frequency and force will decrease on less rigid block.
Unit of Measure



N/A CC2.8-5HB

Max. Force Output

N/A 4715 lb20973 N

Min. Force Output

N/A 910 lb4048 N



N/A 9 in229 mm


N/A 7.12 in186 mm


N/A 9.5 in241 mm


N/A 3 in76 mm


N/A 3.44 in86 mm


N/A 0.5 in13 mm



N/A Force to Fit Application
Adjustable eccentrics on many models tune output to your needs.

Powerful, Efficient Motors
Long service in challenging applications with minimal power consumption.

Positive Frequency Control
Stepless adjustment allows precise regulation of material flow.
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