The BINMASTER® Flow Detect 1000 Detection System consists of two components: the FDS1000 Remote Sensor Probe, which is mounted in a pneumatic pipeline, gravity chute, or feeder, and the FDC1000 Control Console, which is mounted in an area accessible for Users to read the console during operations. The FDS 1000 Remote Sensor Probe is a high quality, industrial grade instrument that senses flow / no-flow conditions using DOPPLER technology. It works by transmitting a low energy signal through a TEFLON process seal into the material flow stream. A portino of the signal is reflected back to the sensor, with the movement of material causing a frequency shift called the DOPPLER Shift, which is used by the sensor to detect material flow.

  • DOPPLER Technology Provides Reliable Motion Detection
  • Non-Intrusive Flush Mounting Senses Through Non-Metallic Surfaces
  • Non-Contact Operation Eliminates Flow Stream Interruption and Equipment Wear
  • Control Settings Made Without Accessing the Remote Sensor Probe
  • Fail-Safe Power Protection & Loop Fault Monitor
  • "Quick-Set" Selectable, Single-Turn Calibration
  • HAZLOC Approval Class II
  • Alarm for Flow / No-Flow Status


N/A Die Cast Aluminum, FDA Recognized Powder Coat Finish

Power Requirements

N/A Provided by FDC 1000 Control Console, Low Voltage

Operating Temperature Range

N/A -22°F to 158°F

Max. Process Temperature

N/A Up to 250°F (Ambient Tempreature is below 150°F)

Process Seal


Process Connection

N/A 1-1/4" NPS (Flush Mount w/Half Coupling)

Conduit Connections

N/A 3/4" NPT

Detection Range

N/A Up to 10' Depending on Target

Interconnect Wiring

N/A 5 Conductor Cable to FDC 1000 Control Console


N/A Green LED - Power, Red LED - Loop Current


N/A Intrinsically Safe when Connected to FDC 1000 Control Console - Class II, Groups E, F, & G, FCC Part 15 Certification

N/A 530-0649 FD 1000 Sensor Head Only

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