The WORKMASTER® MOTOSCREED™? Vibratory Beam Screed incorporates dual 115VAC Vibratory Motors, speed and force synchronized, which are uniquely mounted to a 6"W x 4"H x 6’ to 18’ L aluminum beam to produce a Screed which not only spreads, levels, surface-finishes and consolidates conventional, high-flow, and self-compacting concrete, but also self-propels down the Form.

The MOTOSCREED design – engineered and manufactured by applied vibration specialists – enables the Vibratory Motors to generate a rectilinear force which self-propels the Screed along the Form’s rails as it strikes-off and straight-edges the concrete. Simultaneously, the Vibrators produce a downward centrifugal force of up to 1320 Lbf at 3600 vibrations-per-minute to both surface-finish, and consolidate the concrete to a depth of 12" to 18". The self-propelled feature provides two distinct advantages: Safety and Speed.

  • Self-propelled motion means Operators can safely and easily guide the Screed along the Form’s rails without the usual pulling, pushing, and holding. This greatly reduces hand/arm musculoskeletal disorders associated with regular use of vibrating equipment.
  • Self-propelled motion, when combined with adequate centrifugal force, allows the Screed to be moved more rapidly down the Form to preclude too much mortar being brought to the surface in normal weight concrete; or too much coarse aggregate being brought to the surface in lightweight concrete.
Unit of Measure

Beam Length

N/A 12 ft

Force Output

N/A 1360 lb


N/A 3600 vpm


N/A < 70 dBA


N/A 115 V

Wiring Mount

N/A Left
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