The Economic Way to Increase Material Flow

With its powerful vibrator and rugged wedge bracket, the MARTIN® PR-3™ Railcar Vibrator is the economical answer for improved unloading.

Powerful Vibration
Vibrator with three-inch (76-mm) piston provides force up to 985 pounds (4381 N) at 80 psi (5.5 bar) to keep material moving.

Metal Wedge Bracket
Durable mounting shoe slides readily into the female bracket on hopper bottom railcars.

Minimal Maintenance
Limited maintenance required for life of the vibrator when used with filtered and lubricated air.

Easily Handled By One Person
Unload bulk solids in less time with less work.
Unit of Measure




N/A PR-3

Frequency at 80 psi (5.51 bar)

N/A 2200 vpm

Frequency at 40 psi (2.76 bar)

N/A 1850 vpm

Frequency at 60 psi (4.14 bar)

N/A 2000 vpm

Force Output at 40 psi (2.76 bar)

N/A 590 lbf

Force Output at 60 psi (4.14 bar)

N/A 845 lbf

Force Output at 80 psi (5.51 bar)

N/A 1025 lbf

Air Consumption at 40 PSI

N/A 9.1 cfm

Air Consumption at 60 PSI

N/A 17.0 cfm

Air Consumption at 80 PSI

N/A 21 cfm
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