Eliminate sag, spillage, and material entrapment. Improve belt support with MARTIN® GUARDASEAL™ Bars

The MARTIN® GUARDASEAL™ Idler Conversion Kit improves a conveyor's belt support system by stabilizing the line, improving sealing, and preventing spillage. This simple kit links two more troughing idler frames, replacing the wing rollers with MARTIN® GUARDASEAL™ Support Bars.

Two GUARDASEAL™ Idler Conversion Brackets (enough for one idler set).
Two or four GUARDASEAL™ Conversion Clamps (to hold GUARDASEAL™ bars to Conversion Brackets. Quantity depends on whether belt width requires one or two bars per cradle side).

Two Bars per side start at 48" belt width.
Unit of Measure


Belt Width

N/A 48 in1219 mm



  • Stable Belt Line Improves Sealing
    No more sag, no more spillage. Edge sealing systems work more effectively on stable belt line.
  • Prevents Entrapment Damage
    Without sag, there's no risk of material becoming wedged in pinch point to gouge belt.
  • Economical Conveyor Upgrade
    Reuse existing idler frames and center rollers for a cost- conscious system improvement.
  • Reduces Maintenance
    No adjustment necessary; no lubrication required.
  • Low Friction Surface
    Improve belt support without increasing drive power requirements.
  • Flexible Placement
    Custom-length bars improve belt support points where conveyor needs it most, including tight spaces.
  • Simple to Install
    Replace wing rollers easily; kit conforms to wide range of idler manufacturers.


N/A Belt sag between idlers allows spillage, creating maintenance prob lems, cleanup costs, and regulatory issues.
Entrapped material gouges belt cover, shortening belt life.


N/A Stable sag-free belt line allows improved sealing for reduced spillage and reduced maintenance problems.
No bearings to seize; no lubrication required.


N/A Double Bar Conversion Kits are recommended for applications where conveyor capacity is more than 450 tons (408 metric tons) per hour, or where the wing rolls are longer than 13 inches (330 mm), as typically seen on belts over 36 inches (900 mm) wide.

Wing Roll must be a minimum of 14 1 /2 in. to hold two bars.

To add an additional bar to belt widths less than 48" order P/N 37613. P/N 37613 contains 1 clamp assembly. Need 2-37613 per bar.

When installing more than four feet (1.2 m) of MARTIN® GUARDASEAL™ Belt Support Cradles, it is necessary to check for adequate power in the conveyor drive to overcome the additional friction against the belt. Contact Martin Engineering for additional information.

MARTIN® GUARDASEAL™ Belt Support Cradles are not recommended for conveyors operating at speed over 700 fpm (3.5 m/sec) or conveyors less than 50 ft (15 m) in length.

To improve belt support on short conveyors or high-speed belts, contact Martin Engineering.

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