Installed under the skirtboard of a transfer point, MARTIN® GUARDASEAL Cradles support the edges of the belt to eliminate sag. These cradles prevent transfer-point spillage by stabilizing the belt's path and allow the effective sealing of the belt edge. Cradles are available with high-performance UHMW or Stainless Steel Bars to match application requirements.
All belt support cradles are available in picking idler configuration.
Unit of Measure



N/A Double-Bar

Belt Width

N/A 54 in1400 to 1600 mm
Bars per Side1 N/A Two
Center Rollers2 N/A Included

Stringer Style

N/A Standard Wide Base

Stringer Width (A)

N/A 65.5 in1664 mm

Mounting Centers (B)

N/A 63 in1600 mm

Shipping Weight

N/A 276 lb125.2 kg



  • Stabilizes Belt Path
    Cradles support belt edges, allowing effective seal.
  • Protects the Belt
    Cradles eliminate pinch points where trapped material can gouge the belt.
  • Low Friction
    Belt glides over low friction UHMW or stainless steel bars with low drive-power consumption of drive power and minimal heat buildup.
  • Double Wear Life
    Unique "box" design of UHWM bar allows use of both top and bottom surface.
  • Simple to Service
    To compensate for wear, adjust cradle easily with hand tools. Simple bar change without system disassembly.
  • Cradles to Fit Conditions
    Cradles adjust to fit any trough angle. Options to meet application requirements.



  • Typical bars and cradles are 48 in. (1220 mm) in length. Special lengths are available.
  • Martin Engineering recommends the installation of a MARTIN® TRAC-MOUNT™ Idler set before and after each cradle.
  • When installing one or more MARTIN® GUARDASEAL™ Belt Support Cradles, it is necessary to check for adequate power in the conveyor drive to overcome the additional friction against the belt. Contact Martin Engi neering for additional information.
  • MARTIN® GUARDASEAL™ Belt Support Cradles are not recommended for conveyors operating at speeds over 700 fpm (3.5 m/sec) or that are less than 50 ft (15 m) in length. To improve belt support on short convey ors or high-speed belts, contact Martin Engineering.


N/A 1 Adjustable to match belt trough
2 Single-bar or double-bar designs
3 Low-friction bars
4 Double the wear life
5 Adjustable for wear
6 Center support rollers (Standard on double-bar cradles)

  • 1 Double-bar cradles are recommended for all applica tions where belt speed is greater than 500 ft/min (2.5 m/sec) or where the installation is adjacent to a loading zone with high impact levels.
  • 2 Center rollers are recommended for applications where capacity is over 450 tph (408 MT/h).
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