Installed alone, as a pre-cleaner or as a secondary cleaner, the MARTIN® BULL DAWG™ Belt Cleaner from Martin Engineering provides aggressive cleaning performance. It's the one belt cleaner to use if you're only using one.
Unit of Measure


Belt Width

N/A 42 in1000 to 1200 mm

Mainframe Length (A)

N/A 72 in1829 mm

Blade Width (B)

N/A 36.69 in932 mm


Max. Belt Speed

N/A 1000 fpm5.10 m/s

Service Temperature for Standard

N/A -20 to 160 ºF-29 to 71 ºC

Service Temperature for Spring

N/A -20 to 600 ºF-29 to 315 ºC

Mounting Locations

N/A The MARTIN® BULL DAWG™ Belt Cleaner works as a component in a multiple-cleaner-system. It also provides effective performance as a stand-alone cleaner.

The MARTIN® BULL DAWG™ Belt Cleaner can be installed as a:
  • Pre-Cleaner in the 5 o'clock position against the head pulley.
  • Secondary Cleaner at the point where the belt leaves the head pulley.
  • Tertiary Cleaner along the conveyor's return run at a point where the belt is backed by a support roller.

Blade Wear Life

N/A 7/16 in11 mm

Mainframe Type

N/A Painted Frame

Tension Element

N/A Standard Block

Clamp Type

N/A Clamps Included

Blade Type

N/A Tungsten Carbide
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