MARTIN® Self Adjusting Skirting provides an effective skirtboard seal that eliminates spillage and prevents the problems caused by fugitive material. It self-adjusts to eliminate skirtboard maintenance.

Because it requires only 1.25" of free belt space outside the chute, MARTIN® Self Adjusting Skirting is the ideal sealing system for conveyors with chutes close to the belt edge. The rubber and clamp assembly can be installed in spaces as low as 6" above the belt.

  • Maintains Seal Without Maintenance
    System rides on belt, self-adjusting to maintain effective seal automatically as belt path fluctuates and sealing strip wears.
  • Lowest Belt Edge Requirement
    Fits on any belt - provides effective seal on conveyors where chute width leave as little as 1.25" of free belt area for sealing.
  • Compact System Fits Tight Places
    Low-profile skirting assembly needs only 6" of clearance, allowing installation in small places.
  • Quick and Easy-To-Install
    Short 48" clamp sections with built-in plug-weld guides simplify installation.
  • Long-Lasting Performance
    Durable sealing strip provides 2" wear life. Zinc-plated moving parts will not seize or rust together.
  • "No-Tool" Rubber Replacement
    Held in place with linchpins, replacement of the worn sealing strip is a quick, easy, no-tool operation.
  • No Leaky Joints
    No spillage at joints in sealing strip - rubber strip supplied in continuous lengths up to 100'.
Unit of Measure


Seal Strip - Material

N/A EPDM Rubber

Seal Strip - Thickness

N/A 0.75 in19 mm

Seal Strip - Wear Life

N/A 2 in51 mm

Seal Strip - Durometer

N/A 70 Shore A

Seal Strip - Temperature Range

N/A -20 to 250 ºF-29 to 121 ºC

Seal Strip - Maximum Belt Speed

N/A 700 fpm3.5 m/s

Clamp Assembly - Material

N/A Mild Steel

Clamp Assembly Length

N/A 48.0 in1219 mm

Clamp Assembly - Installed Height

N/A 6.0 in152 mm


N/A 48 in

Length (Maximum of)

N/A 100 ft30.48 m
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