• Extreme Conditions - No Problem!
  • Leader in Cable-Based, Smart-Sensor Systems and Value
  • Unprecedented and Unsurpassed Sensor Durability & Application Reliability
  • Hall-Effect Technology Enhances Application Reliability
  • Unique, Network-Capable, PC-Based Inventory Management Software
  • Affordable, Wireless-Sensor Interface Available, Unmatched RMI/VMI Solutions
  • Uses Innovative, Hall-Effect Technology To Maximize Application Reliability By Effectively Regulating Power To Motor Under Varying Load Conditions
  • Industry-Best Measurement Resolution Of 1/100'(0.12"; 3.05 mm)
  • Virtually Maintenance Free
  • Split-Compartment Enclosure Isolates Electronics And Measurement Optics From Process Material
  • Fast, Easy Servicing Of Process Seal
  • PC-Based Inventory Solutions Or Simple HMI Keypad/Display
  • RS-485 Pulse Or Analog Sensor Output Available
  • Hazardous Location Sensor Version
  • Wireless-Sensor Interface Solutions
  • Auxiliary System Outputs Available
Unit of Measure


Operating Voltage

N/A 230 VAC, 50/60 Hz


N/A 8

Power Consumption

N/A 10 VA Max

Ambient Operating Temperature

N/A -4 to 131 ºF-20 to 55 ºC


N/A Painted Aluminum

Enclosure Rating

N/A NEMA 4, IP66


N/A CE Mark

Sensor Communication

N/A RS-485 half-duplex, non-isolated, proprietary protocol


N/A 2 lines, 20 characters per line, 0.22" x 0.12" characters, LCD backlight


N/A 20 keys


N/A 8 LEDs (function, relay, and error status)

Operating Modes

The HMI is easily programmed to display calculated level, volume, weight or percent in addition to the basic distance measurement. Manual readings are taken by depressing the MEAS button, followed by the channel number, followed by ENTER.

The HMI can also be programmed to operate the SMU "smart" output sensors automatically. Menu options allow the user to select days of operation (such as Mon. - Fri.), time window (such as 7 a.m. - 3 p.m.) and measurement interval (minimum 30 minutes).

Model Selection

The HMI is designed for Ordinary Locations. The HMI also carries the CE Mark.

The HMI is available in 2-, 8- or 16-channel configura tions. The individually addressable SMU "smart" output sensors are wired to the HMI using a single RS- 485 network cable. Multiple SMU "smart" output sensors (up to a maximum of 16) can be connected to the HMI using a single RS-485 network cable.


Overall Dimensions - Height

N/A 6.29 in160 mm

Overall Dimensions - Width

N/A 10.23 in260 mm

Overall Dimensions - Deep

N/A 3.54 in90 mm

Principle of Operation

N/A Once a measurement cycle is initiated, the SiloPatro SE sensor (SMU) "smart" motor system controls the descent of a plumb bob, attached to a heavy-duty stainless steel cable, into the vessel. The SMU measures the amount of cable dispensed via its unique optical sensing system. The SMU's optic system is completely sealed from the internal environment of the electronics compartment, which is isolated and sealed from material ingress in the mechanical com partment, to ensure long-term reliable operation.

The descent of the bob is maintained at an optimal speed by the "smart" motor control system, contributing to the elimination of cable slack and maximizing the motor life. In conjunction with the unique dual optical sensing system, the "smart" motor control system guarantees that the bob will stop when it contacts the material surface and eliminates the need for a mechanical brake. When the bob reaches the material surface, the SMU reverses the direction of the motor and transmits the distance value.

During the ascent of the bob, the SMU measures the amount of cable gathered and controls the speed of ascent. This ensures proper cable wrapping in the patented storage reel and tangle-free operation.

The second edition SMU also includes an innovative Hall effect sensor array that monitors the movement and position of the swing-arm that controls the absorption of slack in the cable system during descent and ascent. The second edition SMU is smarter than ever and uses this technology to control the cable and plumb bob travel to ensure reliability of the measure ment cycle, even with harsh changing conditions in the most severe applications.

The standalone versions of the SMU generate their respective 4-20mA or Pulse output in response to a measurement query, or automatically with the analog output version. The standard "smart" RS485 SMU communicates with the operator interface chosen for the system (HMI orSHoTrack™ PC software). These operator interfaces can perform calculations and con versions to display the data in the format desired. The SiloPatrol Ji system, if so equipped, will also generate auxiliary analog and/or relay outputs. RS485 commu nications can be accomplished via hardwiring or with wireless transceivers.


N/A The SiloPatrol® SE Inventory Management System can be used in a wide variety of applications. These include, but are not limited to, simple inventory moni toring with a standalone HMI display to Remote and Vendor managed inventory solutions using SiloTrack™ server and client software to manage inventories at multiple facilities while providing access to a virtually unlimited number of users.

Materials being monitored include a broad list of pow ders and bulk solids, as well as a wide range of liquids and slurries. These include coarse/fine granular solids, powders, liquids, foodstuffs and other sub stances.

  • Feeds
  • Cement
  • Rocks
  • Liquids
  • Limestone
  • Oils
  • Grains
  • Bulk Chemicals
  • Plastic Pellets
  • Coal
  • Sand
  • Plastic Regrind
  • Powders

Remote Inventory Monitoring

N/A If material levels need to be monitored at one or many locations (i.e. your facility, a location down the street, or a plant on the other side of the world) the SiloPatroI® SE system can provide accurate and reliable measurements. Using SiloTrack" Version 3.5 software, inventory monitoring from remote locations has never been easier.

Wireless Sensor Communications Interface

Wireless Sensor Communication Interface

N/A While using the SiloPatroI® SE "smart" sensor is the most economical approach avail able for inventory monitoring, using the available wireless Interface in your application may help you reduce the installed cost of your SiloTrack" / SiloPatroI SE system even further.

The wireless transceivers use frequency-hopping spreadpectrum wireless technology and operate in the FCC licensefree 900 MHz band. This provides the longest range and most reliable wireless communications available.

Working in conjunction with SiloTrack™ PC-Based inventory management software, the wireless transceivers provide the most functional and economical inventory management system available today.

Refer to Bulletin 343D for additional information and contact our technical support personnel today to see if your application can benefit from the a wireless communications solution.



  • Multi-functional HMI controls SMU "smart" output sensor operation, auxiliary output activation (if equipped), displays measured and calculated data and performs/dis plays system and sensor diagnostic messages
  • Industry-exclusive electronics certified to stringent international CE 1010 standards to ensure world wide compliance in shock hazard protection, electromagnetic noise interference and generation
  • Unique back-lit display ensures visibility in any environment
  • Environmentally hardened NEMA4 enclosure with ambient temperature limits down to -4°F/-20°C
  • Automatic, Manual or Auto/Manual operating modes
  • With data input from the user, HMI can calculate and display values for level, volume, weight and percent (See "Use of Volume/Weight Calculations")
  • Flexible display of data in English or Metric units including feet, meters, pounds, kilograms, cubic feet, cubic meters, U.S./British bushels, gallons, liters, tons, metric tonnes
  • Displays 12-character alphanumeric name for vessel contents

PC-Based Inventory Management Software

N/A SiloTrack™ Version 3.5 Inventory Management Software provides users with an unsurpassed, flexible graphical interface for SiloPatrol SE "smart" output sensors. Together, SiloTrack Server and Client soft ware can provide inventory monitoring and management to a virtually unlimited number of users, both internal and external to your facility. This allows easy implementation of remote monitoring and vendor managed inventory programs.

SiloTrack capabilities include:

  • Monitor up to 128 sensors/with up to 5 sensors per vessel
  • Easy to setup and use
  • Network-ready
  • Remote monitoring via LAN, Internet/WAN or dial-up
  • Available in English/Spanish language
  • Automatic and manual measurement initiation
  • Curve-fit weight table
  • Enhanced 3-D type silo graphics
  • Export silo history and alarm data
  • Automatic Reports and Scheduling
  • Set up four alarms per silo
  • Alarm notification via e-mail, fax, and/or pager Please referto Bulletin 343B for additional information.

Use of Volume / Weight Calculations

N/A The SiloPatrol® Si Model SMU sensor makes a direct measurement of the distance between the sensor and the material surface. This equipment does not meas ure the volume or weight of the material within the vessel. The HMI and SiloTrack™ PC-based software, when used with a Silofatrol SE "smart" output sensor, may be able to perform calculations to display the vol ume and weight of the material. These calculations are based upon the distance measurement and the vessel dimensions and material bulk density entered by the user during setup.

Note: The calculated volume and weight values should be considered "estimates". Monitor Technologies LLC accepts no responsibility forthe accuracy of the cal culated and displayed volume and weight values. The accuracy (not stated or warranted) of the volume/weight calculations are effected by the fluctu ation and accuracy of various factors. These factors include, but may not be limited to, actual vessel dimensions, sensor mounting location, angle of repose (negative and positive), material bulk density, material flow properties (ratholes, bridging, etc.), material inlet/discharge locations and material pack ing. Please consult the factory to discuss applications where volume/weight is of critical importance.

System Accessories

A unique feature of the SiloPatrol® SE Inventory Management System is the ability to incorporate both relay and analog outputs with a standard "smart" out put sensor system. These auxiliary relay and/or analog outputs are provided in Auxiliary Output Enclosures (AOE) and are programmed and controlled by either the HMI or SiloTrack™ PC-based Inventory Management Software.

One analog output and up to four relays (two for HMI; four for SiloTrack) can be assigned to each of the "smart" output sensors. These can be used to tie the Inventory Management System into remote control systems, sound alarms and for local control functions.

Up to 16 analog outputs or 32 relays can be provided within a single enclosure. Up to four AOE's can be connected on a single network. The AOE can be locat ed close to the point of hardwiring termination minimizing wiring and installation costs.


N/A Monitor Technologies LLC warrants each SiloPatrol® SE Inventory Management System it manufactures to be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use and service for two (2) years from the date of purchase. The purchaser must notify Monitor of any defects within the warranty period, return the product intact, and prepay trans portation charges. The obligation of Monitor Technologies LLC under this warranty is limited to repair or replacement at its factory. This warranty does not apply to any product which is repaired or altered outside of Monitor Technologies' factory, or which has been subject to misuse, negligence, accident, incorrect wiring by others, or improper installation. Monitor Technologies LLC reserves the right to change the design and/or specifications with out prior notice.

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