Powered by an air compressor, our pneumatic pokers deliver high-speed vibration and are cooled by compressed air for convenient use - even in remote places where no electricity is available. And because they have few moving parts, they're robust and built to last with little maintenance other than lubrication. High-performance centrifugal force makes our pneumatic pokers well suited for all types of concrete from low to high slump
Unit of Measure


N/A VPP 77


N/A 12000 vpm

Air Consumption at 80 PSI

N/A 45.9 cfm


N/A 98 dB

Hose Length

N/A 13 ft

Vibrator Head Length

N/A 15.7 in

Vibrator Head Dia

N/A 3 in

Vibrator Head Weight

N/A 20 lb
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