Belt Widths: 18" to 96"
Max Belt Speed: 900 FPM
Max Service Temp: 160ºF Continuous; 180º Intermittent
Head Pulley Diameter: 12" to 23"

QC™ #1 HD Pre-Cleaner features the one-pin quick change blade design which makes changing its one-piece blade a quick and easy service. This Cleaner's rugged blade and sturdy mainframe makes it ideal for wider, high-tonage belts. The QC™ #1 HD Belt Cleaner includes the TWIST™ Tensioner to maintain proper cleaning pressure while minimizing the need for adjustment.
Unit of Measure


Shipping Weight

N/A 33 lb15 kg

Max. Belt Speed

N/A 900 fpm4.6 m/s

Max. Service Constant Temperature

N/A 160 ºF70 ºC

Max. Service Intermittent Temperature

N/A 180 ºF82 ºC
Pulley Diameter1 N/A 12 to 23 in305 to 584 mm

Mounting Location

N/A 3.5 in89 mm

Slits / Segments

N/A No Slits or Segments
Wear Life2 N/A 4.5 in114 mm

Wear Volume (per Inch of Blade)

N/A 6.53 in³107 cm³

Urethane Color

N/A Orange

Tensioner Type

N/A MARTIN® TWIST™ Tensioner


Belt Width3 N/A 18 in400 to 500 mm

Blade Width (A)

N/A 12 in305 mm

Mainframe Length (B)

N/A 44 in1118 mm

Frequently Asked Questions

N/A My Pre-Cleaner keeps flipping through.

The mounting location may be too far away form the belt. Relocate to the proper dimension. Replace the mainframe or end weldments if they are bent.

My Pre-Clener is wearing more in the center of the blade.
The blade is too wide for this application. Replace with a shorter length blade.

  • 1 Pulley diameter 23 in (584 mm) and greater: contact AIRMATIC.
  • 2 Amount of usuable blade.
  • 3 Dual Tensioners are required for belt widths 54 in (1400 mm) and greater.
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