Belt Widths: 42" to 120"
Max Belt Speed: 1200 FPM
Max Service Temp: 160ºF Continuous; 180ºF Intermittent
Head Pulley Diameter: 24"-48" SHD-600; 48"+ SHD-1200

The SHD Pre-Cleaner is built for the widest, fastest, most heavily-loaded belts in the world. Advanced engineering and formidable construction mean effective cleaning, low maintenance, and long life, even under the most punishing conditions. Using a steel I-Beam frame, the SHD has been proven on belts up to 120" wide and speeds up to 1500 fpm, carrying loads up to 300,000 tons per day. The SHD Cleaner and its Spring Tensioner are engineered to deliver constant pressure and consistent cleaning without the need for adjustment throughout the life of the blade. The Cleaner is available with either the SHD Turn Buckle Tensioner or the SHD L-Spring Link Tensioner.
Unit of Measure


Belt Width

N/A 42 in1000 to 1200 mm

Blade Width (A)

N/A 39.38 in1000 mm

Mainframe Length (B)

N/A 44.81 in1138 mm

Shipping Weight

N/A 289 lb131 kg

# of Blades (20 in / 500 mm Wide)

N/A 2


Urethane Color

N/A Brown

Mainframe Type

N/A Corrosion Resistant

Tensioner Type

N/A Painted Link Tensioner

Blade Type

N/A Urethane

Blade Profile

N/A SHD-1200

End Weldment Length

N/A 30 in



  • Massive Blades
    Blades are thick and robust to resist abuse and dissipate heat for extended wear life. MARTIN© SHD 1200 blades provide up to 12 in. (305 mm) of wearable material; MARTIN© SHD 600 blades provide 10.5 in. (207 mm).
  • MARTIN® CARP Constant Angle Blade Design
    Means continuous effective cleaning across all stages of blade life.
  • Structural Steel Beam Construction
    No more bent mainframes, even with high tonnages and large lumps.
  • System Engineering
    Design of cleaner and tensioner as one unit means consistant, effective cleaning with reduced service requirements.
  • Reduced Maintenance
    No need for re-tensioning or cleaner adjustment for the life of the blade, which reduces labor costs and downtime.
  • Urethane Options
    Choose blades from Standard (Orange) or High-Performance (Brown) Urethane. Both materials are MSHA-accepted (IC-95/6) for use in underground mining.
  • Guaranteed Blade Life
    Martin Engineering urethane technology and manufacturing options guarantee service life. The cost of replacement blades will be prorated if guaranteed life is not achieved. To determine the Guaranteed Wear Life for a specific application, see your Martin Engineering representative.

Application Guidelines

N/A The MARTIN® SHD Pre-Cleaner is designed for high-speed, high-tonnage conveyors with large diameter head pulleys. It can be applied on any conveyor with a head pulley larger than 24 in. (600 mm) in diameter with sufficient room in the chute to mount the cleaner.

Blade Height

    To achieve constant angle geometry to match pulley diameter, blades are available in two heights. Use 1200 Series MARTIN® SHD Blades for pulleys 48 in. (1200 mm) in diameter and larger. Specify 600 Series MARTIN® SHD Blades for pulleys smaller than 48 in. (1200 mm) in diameter.
Tensioning Systems
    The MARTIN® SHD Belt Cleaner is available with Tumbuckle Tensioners to be installed on both sides of the head pulley.

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