Belt Widths: 18" to 84"
Max Belt Speed: 900 FPM
Max Service Temp: 160ºF Continuous; 180º Intermittent
Head Pulley Diameter: 12" to 23"

The QC™ #1 PD Belt Cleaner provides maximum durability and performance across a wide range of duties and applications. This sturdy cleaner features the one-pin quick change blade design, making replacement of a worn blade a simple procedure. The Cleaner's one-piece urethane blade has a "CARP" (Constant Angle Radial Pressure), designed to maintain cleaning performance through all stages of blade life. The QC™ #1 PD Belt Cleaner includes a Spring Tensioner to maintain proper cleaning pressure while minimizing the need for adjustment.
Unit of Measure


Shipping Weight

N/A 43 lb20 kg

Max. Belt Speed

N/A 900 fpm4.6 m/s

Max. Service Constant Temperature

N/A 160 ºF70 ºC

Max. Service Intermittent Temperature

N/A 180 ºF82 ºC

Pulley Diameter

N/A 12 to 23 in305 to 584 mm

Slits / Segments

N/A No Slits or Segments

Wear Life

N/A 4.5 in114 mm

Wear Volume (per Inch of Blade)

N/A 6.53 in³107 cm³

Urethane Color

N/A Navy Blue

Tensioner Type

N/A MARTIN® Spring Tensioner


Belt Width

N/A 18 in400 to 500 mm

Blade Width (A)

N/A 10 in305 mm

Mainframe Length (B)

N/A 48 in1219 mm

Frequently Asked Questions

N/A My Pre-Cleaner keeps flipping through.

The mounting location may be too far away from the belt. Relocate to the proper dimension. Replace the mainframe if it is bent.

My Pre-Cleaner is wearing more in the center of the blade.
The blade is too wide for this application. Replace with a shorter length blade.

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